Our Approach

Our approach to the partnership claim process will be a unique opportunity to deliver customer care and maintaining long-term relationship with policyholders.

MSM International Malaysia recognized the growing trend towards three distinct categories of claims and this is our approach towards management of these claims are as follows:

  • Personal Lines – Motor & Non-Motor
    High volume with fast turn-around time expected from this claim.

To formulate and utilise claims management software capable of driving the whole claims process and providing instant management information to policyholders and insurers. Short form reporting is also used to expedite entire claims handling process. There will be direct replacement option of electrical and household goods, which will optimise cost control for replacement goods. Only approved contractors for all building repairs will be there for the policyholders thus eliminating the need and trouble to obtain estimates. This will substantially deliver high-level customer satisfaction and increased cost control for our partners.

Commercial & Corporate

This category of claims requires a different set of considerations geared towards high technical skills, professionalism and efficiency. First, gaining the confidence of the policyholder and getting the claim organised will be our first priority. All parties involved will be kept fully informed on the claims options, service available and progress of the entire claims. Our team will kick start the claim process by making contact at the outset and determining the most appropriate course of action. We will then explained our role, procedures we expect to follow and also the services we can draw upon immediately to provide emergency assistance. The importance of intermediaries in support of client is also recognised as they will be invited to attend first meeting up right to the closure of the claim process.


This is a highly specialised category where MSM International is well placed to manage your claims. We have a dedicated marine team that is strategically located in Shah Alam to service these claims. Our Marine Department is renowned amongst Marine Underwriters for our efficiently and expertise to handle damage surveys losses, pre-shipment surveys, outturn surveys, superintendence for loss prevention, etc. Further to this, our marine department is complemented by recovery services of W.E. Cox (M) Sdn. Bhd.