We provide training in academic and technical for basic qualification and every loss adjuster may enhanced their skills and knowledge within the experience through handling each cases that assign to them. A large proportion of them have already been qualified in loss adjusting or insurance, e.g. Fellows or Associates of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters, Chartered Insurance Institute, Malaysian Insurance Institute, Australian Insurance Institute. In addition, many of our adjusting staff are qualified or experienced in other fields as well, particularly in Energy, Construction, Law, Medicine, Accountancy and Surveying.



To provide a high level of service in this competitive market, a loss adjuster requires extensive knowledge
of the products and a high commitment to professionalism. This course is designed to provide individuals
engaged in insurance loss adjusting with the necessary working knowledge and competency to ensure
that they are able to support an efficient loss adjusting operation. It will also provide a strong knowledge
foundation for staff in the loss adjusting sector to progress in their careers in line with their career
development and the strategic direction of their companies.


1. Understand risk, insurance and marketplace.
2. Understand the key aspects of regulatory and legal environment within which loss
adjusters operate.
3. Understand the similarities and differences between conventional and Takaful insurance as well as
advantages and disadvantages.
4. Identify the principles of Insurance, Reinsurance and Takaful.
5. Understand Insurance products and key features, and covers available.
6. Understand basic underwriting and claims process.
7. Identify and explain the typical role and responsibilities of a loss adjuster.
8. Identify and explain the steps in the loss adjusting process.
9. Describe the general insurance and legal knowledge a loss adjuster needs to possess.
10. List the key elements of a loss adjuster’s terms of engagement.