Associated Services

Risk Surveys

Risk avoidance is now an important requirement. In this connection, it is desirable to have surveys done regularly to ensure safety precautions, particularly compliance with Fire Precaution Requirements, are in place. We are familiar with the various codes and standards commonly followed in Malaysia and are experienced with losses to identify and address general and particular safety requirements.

Project monitoring

We have developed capability to carry out project monitoring on behalf of ALOP and DSU underwriter. The objective of project monitoring is to provide clear and comprehensive information on which to base assessment of liability in event of claim for ALOP or DSU, and on which to facilitate decision making during the execution of the contract in respect of increase in cost of working and the like. We formulate the most cost-effective method of monitoring based on the size of the project. Normally, it is a combination of desk reviews of established routine progress reports and periodic site visits.

Loss prevention superintendence

We have capability of superintendence for loss prevention at the port of discharge, whilst in transit and during unloading. Our engineers and surveyors are familiar with handling of large and heavy lifts, including that which requires special equipment. Amongst the large machinery, which we have satisfactorily superintended for loss prevention are generators (up to 220 tons), gas turbines (up to 190 tons) and transformers (up to 130 tons).


Recoveries are pursued as from day one, in conjunction with our associate companies, PRS for non-marine losses and WE Cox for marine losses. Early investigation and co-ordinated effort between the loss adjuster and recovery agent enables accurate assessment of recovery prospect. This results in cost saving and higher rate of successful recovery.