Our Range of Expertise

We have been entrusted with many multi-million Ringgit loss cases in Malaysia over the last 20 years. Most of the large losses involved large corporations, both Malaysian and multi-nationals. For many of these large corporations, we are the nominated or sole Loss Adjuster.

We are renowned in business / consequential loss claims. Our initial emphasis is the immediate measures after the loss or damage to mitigate the loss. We have wide experience to identify interruption features and resources to source worldwide facilities for repair, restoration and other means for mitigation of business interruption losses. Many Insured/Insurers have benefited from the advice we offered, resulting in considerable savings in loss of profits by minimal increases in costs of working.

The expertise we gained from business interruption losses was successfully applied, with appropriate modifications, to ALOP claims involving construction and erection works. The claims we have handled in this class include losses or potential losses of up to RM 300 million.

The types of large industries which we have business interruption and ACLOP claims include cement plants, electricity generation plants, electronic component and equipment assembly plants, oleo-chemical plants, palm oil mills, steel mills, aluminium extrusion manufacturers, textile mills, yarn mills, garments factories, etc.

Our Liability Unit is staffed by lawyers and law graduates and headed by our CEO. The Liability Unit is capable of handling claims under all classes of insurance liability, such as public liability, product liability, product guarantee, employer’s liability, workmen’s compensation, comprehensive general liability including documentary forgery and professional indemnity.

Amongst the larger liability claims we have dealt with include compensation from fire due to leakage of a petroleum pipe, damage to expensive property due to construction at adjacent land, defective products (safety belts, power assisted steering columns, food product packaging, lubrication, grinding media, oxidising agent, specialised cleaning agents), damage to goods in bailment, escape of pollutants, losses following forgery of cheques and shares documents, etc.

We have a unit specially dedicated to service claims in mega projects. The engineering unit was set up more than 20 years ago. It comprises highly qualified and specialist engineers from various disciplines headed by our Senior Director, Mr Lum Siew Wai. The unit offers claim services on all industrial, contract works and M&E losses and is currently made up of a Chartered Engineer, several experience engineers, graduate engineers and diploma holders.

Our engineering unit has handled losses involving machines and construction / erection works under Machinery Breakdown and CAR / EAR Policies. For construction works, we are the nominated adjusters for many projects and are virtually the sole Loss Adjuster in many other projects where there is no nominated adjuster. MSM International Adjusters (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the sole nominated adjuster for the billion-dollar Pergau Hydroelectric Power Project, the multi-billion Ringgit national rural water supply scheme, the privatised national sewerage treatment facility, as well as some landmark high rise commercial buildings. We are involved in claims arising from the majority of the independent power plants in Malaysia, both in erection and operational stages.

We are also on the panel of adjusters for many prestigious infrastructural works e.g. the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, National Sports Complex, the River Diversion Works of Bakun Dam, New North Klang Strait By-Pass and Shah Alam Expressway, Express Rail Link Project, KL-PRT Monorail, Cyberjaya, SPRINT Highway Project, KL MRT Line 1, etc.

In civil engineering, we have good experience with construction of high value industrial, commercial and recreational projects. We were the adjusters for the Menara Kuala Lumpur tele-communication tower, KL Pavilion. Losses under contract works failures due to defective design, incorrect sequence of work, in addition to the commonly experienced perils of theft, impact and fire. For third party liability, we have encountered claims such as flooding, damage to underground facilities, vibration, removal or weakening of support, etc. We have dealt with a number of multi-million Ringgit claims in construction projects, the most notable are a RM 10 million third party claim involving a large shopping complex and RM 8 million underground 132 kV oil-filled cable.

We also have engineers and technicians qualified in mechanical and electrical disciplines who can handle losses concerning plant and machinery, including computerised systems. We have dealt with specialised machines used in steel mills, process plants (petrochemicals and oleo-chemicals, etc.), cement mills, electricity generation plants and construction projects. It is common for construction projects to have Advance Loss of Profits (ALOP) or Delay in Start-Up (DSU) cover. We have developed capability to carry out project monitoring on behalf of the ALOP or DSU Underwriters.

We have extensive experience in Oil and Gas claims and in the related field of Petrochemicals.

We have experience of claims handling for Petronas and Shell, such as a flare stack explosion (in which we were able to make recommendations for improvement to the flare ignition procedures), self-ignition of pyrophoric materials and fire at the shore-end slug catcher of a sub-sea pipeline, buckling and submergence of floating roof of a large condensate (NGL) storage tank and berthing incidents by marine tankers.

We became involved in surveys for risk underwriting or risk management due to frequent requests by underwriters to use the knowledge and experience we gained from handling losses for these purposes. We obliged and accordingly gained considerable experience in such surveys from these special requests.
The risk surveys we conducted are mainly in accordance with the format and extent of detail required by the instructing office, and they vary from case to case. The scope can range from a few hour site visit in which details as per a standard form are checked to detailed inspections and discussions lasting a few days.

The level of expertise deployed for risk surveys is again dependent on the extent of detail required. For the simple checklist survey, an experienced adjuster will be able to handle. Surveys for the more complex risks requiring detail inspections and investigations will be carried out by our staff engineers.