Lum Siew Wai-0101

Lum Siew Wai


  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Applied Physics
  • Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • Associate of the Malaysian Insurance Institute
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
  • FUEDI European Loss Adjusting Expert
  • Fellow of the International Federation of Adjusting Associations

All Property & Pecuniary losses, Large Fire losses, Contract Works, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering losses, Business Interruption/Delay in Startup, Power generation, Oil & Gas

After graduation from the University of Malaya in 1978, he joined firm of international loss adjusters as trainee. He was under the direct tutelage of the resident expatriate Chartered Loss Adjuster and was given exposure in the full range of claims which adjusters in Malaysia handle. His initial training also included a period of practical experience in the UK. He is the first Malaysian to qualify as a Chartered Loss Adjuster; having achieved the qualification in five years, which is the minimum number of years of experience for qualification as an Associate. He was also able to qualify as an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute within two years of joining the loss adjusting profession.
In 1984, he left the firm of international loss adjusters and joined a renowned firm of local loss adjusters. He was a key person in building up the local firm which, as a result of their competence and reputation in the local market, became accepted into the McLarens International Group in 1988.

In his twenty over years as a loss adjusters, he has worked with the entire range of general loss adjusting work in Malaysia and has particularly achieved competence in construction, engineering and business interruption claims. He handled his first multi-million ringgit claim in 1981, and has since been handling claims of such magnitude involving both local and foreign companies in Malaysia. His experience now covers the whole range of industrial and commercial activities in Malaysia. Amongst the large operating risks he has handled are steel mills, cement plants, motor vehicle assembly plants, paper mills, corrugated carton factories, petrochemical plants and semi conductor manufacturers. As regards construction risks, he has experience in dealing with adjustment of losses, conducting loss prevention surveys and managing the entire claims portfolio on projects in which his firm is the nominated adjusters.

The major construction projects which he has dealt with include the Pergau Hydroelectric Power Project, the Malaysian Rural Water Supply Schemes, the Perwaja Direct Reduction Plant, the Titan Polyethylene Plant, the various Independent Power Producers’ Gas Turbine Power Generation Plants, the Bakun Dam River Diversion, the Shah Alam Expressway, The National Sports Complex, The Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the SPRINT highway and the Rapid People Transportation system.

He has been active in activities of the Malaysian insurance market, having held positions in committees and participated as speaker or panellist in seminars. In particular, he was Chairman of the Association of the Malaysian Loss Adjusters (AMLA) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII). He was a member of the MII Building Committee which is responsible for newly completed MII premises project and also the chairman of the Liaison Committee of CILA members in Malaysia.

Business Activities

  • Flood losses at dam and hydro power plant construction, overtopping of coffer dams
  • Slope failures in a large variety of civil works construction, such as highways, bridges, stadia, airports, railway lines, monorail train network, high rise building
  • Failures during tank construction : Collapse due to strong wind, inadequate bracing, defective welding, leaks, and implosion
  • Foundation works failures : Deflection of driven piles, Cracking of concrete piles, failure of pile caps
  • Riverine and underwater works failures: Deflection of river mouth flood gate structure, washing away of shoreline protection structure, silting of dredged channel, movement of undersea pipeline
  • High-rise and industrial buildings: Collapse of reinforced concrete slabs, buckling of steel structures, damage to roofs and cladding by wind.

Other Information

  • Explosion of 110MW alternator during commissioning caused by defective insulation
  • Seizure of gas turbine bearing due to sudden cut off of lub oil because of defect in logic programming
  • Breakage of con rod bolt of diesel engine generator
  • Fouling of turbine blades by deleterious pollutants
  • Gas turbine dropped during positioning onto foundation
  • Overheating of primary reformer in methanol plant
  • Overpressure at flash drum of natural gas processing plant
  • Failure of catalyst cage of booster reactor at fertiliser plant

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