Andrew Khoo

Deputy Chief Executive Officer


ANZIIF (Senior Associate)
Certified Insurance Professional
Chartered Loss Adjuster

Other Expertise

Fire, machinery breakdown, contract work, burglary, consequential loss claims


Andrew Khoo started as a trainee loss adjuster in 1982 in one of the international loss adjusting firms and was based in Sabah, East Malaysia. During that period, he was assigned to investigate various classes of insurance claims such as fire, contract works, burglary, flood, liability, equipment, motor, etc. This job stint in Sabah for 3 years required him to travel the length and breadth of the Borneo Island.
In 1984, Andrew Khoo was transferred to Penang office to assist in the start-up of the branch there. Within one year, he and his colleagues had built up the office to be a leading loss adjusting outfit in Penang. In 1985, he joined McLarens Young International and was assigned to help start and build up the Penang office. Andrew Khoo was later promoted to manager and then sent to Sabah to start the McLarens Young International office there.

In the next 3 years in Sabah from 1987, McLarens Young International’s office and operations were built and developed from scratch by Andrew Khoo, staff were employed and our professional services systematically marketed to Insurers. Currently, our Sabah office is the leading adjusting outlet in East Malaysia. In 1990, Andrew Khoo was seconded to the Johor Bahru office. Bearing in mind the firm’s vision and objective, he restructured the operations there, re-trained existing staff, recruited new staff for training, marketed the firms competent and professional services and led our Johor Bahru office to become the leading adjusting firm in Southern Peninsula Malaysia. The team members comprise engineers, lawyers, accountants, etc. Assignments recently handled and closed by the team comprise amongst others textile, furniture, plastic and paper factories which include consequential losses of multi-million ringgit quantum which were all satisfactorily resolved.

Andrew Khoo was promoted to Senior Manager in 1993, and then to Chief Operating Office in 2007 Subsequent to the latest promotion, he was relocated to our Kuala Lumpur office.

Over his close to 3 decades of adjusting work, Andrew Khoo has on many occasions headed teams to investigate fire, machinery breakdown, contract works, burglary, consequential loss, etc claims which losses ran into millions of Ringgit. In the course of it, he has successfully investigated and uncovered several huge claims which Insurers were able to repudiate liability.

Apart from his adjusting job, Andrew Khoo is also actively involved in local insurance institutes and associations. He had served as a committee member in the Insurance Institute of Northern Peninsula Malaysia (Penang), Insurance Institute of Sabah and the Johor Bahru branch of the Malaysian Insurance Institute. In addition, he also assisted in the training programs of insurance associations and companies. Currently, he is a committee member of the Association of Malaysian Loss Adjusters.