Leong Yee Fook

Director / Chief Executive Officer

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Economics
  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
  • Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • Associate of the Malaysian Insurance Institute
  • Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
  • FEUDI European Loss Adjusting Expert
  • Fellow of the International Federation of Adjusting Associations

Leong Yee Fook is the Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. He has thirty two years experience as a Chartered Loss Adjuster involving the entire range of general loss adjusting in Malaysia with particular involvement in liability, fire and business interruption fields. He is well versed in local and international practices in the loss adjusting profession having dealt with many multi-million ringgit claims involving both local and foreign companies in Malaysia.

In his career he had co-ordinated and handled a large number of claims under contractors insurance programmes for projects such as Kenyir Dam, Bakun Dam, Penang Bridge, double tracking of rail network, KL Monorail, urban road construction and high rise construction. The types of claims handled have ranged from simple theft and site accident losses to complicated contract works failures such as collapse of slopes, movement of retaining wall structures (diaphragms walls, sheet piles and contiguous bore piles type), settlement and tilting of contract works (buildings). This includes among others, a claim involving the tilting of a multi-storeyed condominium building in Penang and settlement of a multi-storey shopping mall (third party claim) which sustained severe damage leading to eviction of occupiers by local authorities.

He has also successfully investigated numerous fraudulent claims relating to fire and marine classes of insurance and has extensive experience in court testimony and claims handling in a legal environment. In a legal judgement, the Malaysian High Court recognised him as an Expert in his field (loss adjusting) and found him to be ‘professional’ and ‘more independent’ in giving evidence in respect of a grossly exaggerated fire claim.

Besides handling many claims under the public liability class involving contractors, hoteliers, warehousemen, multi-tenanted building owners, Mr. Leong is also involved in the investigation of product liability and professional negligence claims involving architects, lawyers and medical professionals (hospitals). He was also the nominated adjuster under the Crime and Professional Indemnity Insurance for Member Companies of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange as well as dealt with many large claims under Bankers Blanket Bond policy.

In terms of exposure to the finance field, Mr. Leong has dealt with multi-million Ringgit fidelity claims of airlines, banks, hotels, manufacturers, distribution houses, stock brokers etc. In the business interruption class, he has dealt with multi-million Ringgit losses of car assembly plants, hotels, manufacturers, trading houses, stock broking companies and casinos.

He is a prominent Chartered Loss Adjuster in Malaysia and is actively involved in training and education relating to insurance and loss adjusting. He was one of the key speakers at local and regional seminars / conferences and has conducted lectures on various insurance and loss adjusting topics for the Malaysian Insurance Institute, insurance companies, financial institutions and Bank Negara Malaysia. He is the Immediate Past Chairman and President of the Association of Malaysian Loss Adjusters (AMLA) and the current President of the International Federation of Adjusting Associations (IFAA), respectively. The latter is based in London with membership comprising the national loss adjusting associations of UK & Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, and Malaysia.

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