R. Jeyabalan

Senior Manager
Risk Survey and Dilapidation, Kuala Lumpur (HQ)
FS Eng, AIAS, Dip Eng, Dip Acc


FS Eng
Dip Eng
Dip Acc


R. Jeyabalan commenced his Insurance career in 1976 at AFIA (American Foreign Insurance Association) after completing his higher studies. As a Management Trainee, he was extensively trained in underwriting, claims handling and risk surveys.

In 1979, R. Jeyabalan was seconded to AFIA’s Penang office to oversee it’s northern operation. His was entrusted with the uphill task of expanding the agency network and increasing the annual GWP (Gross Written Premium) which stood at a little over RM200K. In a then market
that was commission driven, he persevered to satisfy the company’s aspirations and when he left the organisation in 1982 to seek a career in Risk Management, the motor and non-motor GWP portfolio stood at RM870K.

R. Jeyabalan was employed by QBE Supreme Insurance in Kuala Lumpur as their in-house Risk Surveyor in 1982. A year later, he was promoted to head QBE Supreme’s Corporate Accounts Department.

In 1986, he left QBE Supreme to venture out on his own. Between 1986 and 1989, he dabbled with building construction projects, renovations, ad-hoc Risk Management for medium to large enterprises and a short stint in Brisbane, Australia where he was a Building and Facility Engineer with the MUR Group of Companies.

Between 1989 and 1992, he was an Underwriter with an insurance agency house in Kajang.

In 1992, R. Jeyabalan joined GRE’s Malaysian operations in Kuala Lumpur (now known as AXA Affin Insurance) as their Head – Risk Survey. He served as a Council Member in the Fire Protection Association of Malaysia (FPAM) for two years and was thereafter elected it’s Chairman for 3 consequent years. During his tenure as a Council Member and Chairman of FPAM, he introduced and implemented various fire risk related initiatives that benefitted risk surveyors within the insurance fraternity as a whole. He also conducted courses relating to Sprinkler Installation, Boilers, Risk Management, Fire Safety, Building Inspection methodology, Identification and Control of fire hazards inherent to manufacturing industries and various other fire related programmes. During the height of incessant landslides in various parts of Malaysia, the print media carried articles that he had written on Landslide Management and Control.

In 2003, AXA appointed him as their Internal Auditor to undertake Underwriting, Claims, Accounting and General Administration audits at it’s HO and branch operation. He was also called upon to assist with audits at AXA’s operational branches in Indonesia.

After 32 years in the insurance industry, he retired in September 2008. Following his retirement, R. Jeyabalan was called upon to undertake Risk Management programmes for large enterprises by Insurers.

He was recruited by MSM International Adjusters (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in 2011. As Manager for Business Support, he is set to multi-task various initiatives that the company is promoting.